Koprivshtitsa, Bulgaria

◊ Our virtual performance – enjoy the music remotely until we can get together in person again!

◊ We’re on Soundcloud – have a listen!

◊ Tatiana performing Veruvaj me, ludo mlado le, a song she’s taught us.

◊ Click here for a segment on us in Temata na Nova on Bulgarian television.

◊ Check out our Facebook page for our appearance on The Slavi Show, Bulgaria’s most popular late-night show.

◊ Click to hear an interview with Orfeia and Tatiana on WYPR’s The Signal.

◊ Orfeia on Bulgarian television – click here – singing is at the end!

Tatiana and Pirin Ensemble – together again! Our director, Tatiana Sarbinska, was invited as an honored guest for the 60th anniversary celebration of the Pirin Ensemble in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria. Bulgarian National Radio says “The Pirin Ensemble, established in 1954, is one of the most popular messengers of Bulgarian folklore across the globe. The formation’s singers, instrumentalists and dancers have presented their impressive shows in dozens of countries.”  Check out video of the gala concert here.  And here’s a link to one of Tanya’s many television and radio appearances while she was in Bulgaria – the song is Lazhi Vere.

One response to “Listen

  1. Jerry Levine

    Dear Orfeia,
    I recently heard you perform an outdoor music festival in the Baltimore Maryland area. I don’t know the name of the festival but you were last to perform on a beautiful Sunday afternoon at a state park outside of Baltimore.
    I was so impressed and even found myself thinking about the songs and the entusiasm of your program the following day. I wish you had been on the program earlier so more people could be introduced to your delightful blend of voices and hearty portrayal of the music and customs of Bulgaria. I was simply wowed!
    We live in Charlotte, NC and would love to see you perform for the people here in some sort of venue. If you have some thing I could show to others that would provide them a flavor of what you do, I might be able to develop support for bringing your group here to our lovely city. I’ve never done this before, but your work so inspired me, I would love to try.
    Thank you so much for such a lovely performance and introduction to the music of Bulgaria.
    Jerry Levine, Ph.D.
    1322 Pecan Ave.
    Charlotte, NC 28205

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