Balkan Songbook


Orfeia Vocal Ensemble happy to announce Songs from the Mountainsa Balkan songbook with learning CDs created by Orfeia’s artistic director and Bulgarian national treasure Tatiana Sarbinska, award-winning singer and composer and former principal soloist with the world-renowed Pirin Ensemble, whose encyclopedic knowledge of Balkan musical traditions and more than three decades teaching Balkan vocal technique has brought this heritage to music-lovers from beginner to professional.

The Songbook and CDs include:

  • an overview of Balkan vocal techniques and warm-up exercises
  • a diverse selection of folk songs from across the Balkans
  • focus on the rich cultural traditions of Bulgarian regions (including recipes!)
  • arrangements suited to duets, trios, small and large choral groups
  • music selected and recorded by Tatiana Sarbinska
  • instructions on pronunciation plus recorded pronunciation
  • recording of each individual part and full song verses

Designed, recorded and produced by Orfeia’s artistic director, award-winning singer, composer and Bulgarian national treasure Tatiana Sarbinska, the songbook is a unique opportunity to share in this heritage through the eyes and ears of one of Bulgaria’s most celebrated traditional singers.ore information and to order the Songbook here.

For more information and to order the songbook, visit Tatiana’s website.


11 responses to “Balkan Songbook

  1. You sing very nice! Where/when can I order for the songbook? I am conductor of two Balkanchoirs in the Netherlands. Friendly greetings, Helga

  2. singingman

    I’d love to be kept informed of when your sonbook is coming out. I teach a lot of Balkan songs here in the UK.

  3. sehee

    hi there- I’m also interested in the songbook! Please email me information at – Sehee

  4. Amber Céolta

    Hi how can i buy the song book please?!

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